BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Deployment Packages

The BotDetect PHP Captcha library is distributed as a .zip archive containing PHP source files. Both the free version available at the download page and the paid version available for purchase are packaged, used and deployed in the same way. CakePHP and CodeIgniter plugins and code examples are downloaded separately from the main library to keep the general purpose download reasonably small.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Download Package Contents

The BotDetect PHP Captcha library requires PHP 5.2.1 or newer compiled with libgd support.

The lib package subfolder contains the Captcha PHP library files.

The examples/simple-api package subfolder contains BotDetect PHP traditional api code examples.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Library Deployment

When adding Captcha protection to your PHP forms, you will need to copy Captcha PHP library files from the lib folder to your website source and include them on the form, as explained in the BotDetect Captcha PHP integration guide. You will then deploy these files together with your PHP application source.

In the simplest case, you will copy the BotDetect include files to your website root and reference them from there, as well as keep BotDetect public resources (icons, JavaScript, stylesheets) together with .php files. Just copy the whole lib folder and everything will work.

However, it is also possible to keep BotDetect Captcha library files in a central location and include them in multiple websites without copying to individual websites. Furthermore, in that case it is also possible to separate the publicly available BotDetect resources mentioned above from the Captcha library source files for increased security. Such deployment options are explained in the BotDetect PHP Captcha library advanced deployment guide.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Audio Localizations Deployment

BotDetect supports easy Captcha localization, but localized Captcha audio requires language-specific pronunciation sounds distributed as .bdsp files. The lib/botdetect/Resources/Sounds downloaded package subfolder contains these files for North American locales, while pronunciation files for other locales can be downloaded from the Captcha localizations page.

Deploying these localized pronunciation files is as easy as copying the downloaded .bdsp files for the locales you want to support to the lib/botdetect/Resources/Sounds subfolder of the Captcha library copy your website is using.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Code Examples Deployment

The BotDetect PHP Captcha library download package also contains a number of Captcha PHP code examples.

The BotDetect demos allow you to experiment with BotDetect options, while the code examples contain PHP Captcha example code which might be useful when adding and configuring BotDetect Captcha protection on your PHP forms.

You can copy the extracted files (both the lib and the examples folders) to a path accessible by your Http server software configured to run PHP (the htdocs folder in Apache installations, Inetpub on IIS, etc.), and examples/simple-api/index.html will guide you to included PHP code examples.

Typically, you will only deploy the BotDetect examples on your development machines, and skip them when deploying BotDetect to your servers.

Deploying BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Updates

Updated Captcha library and plugin files can usually just be copied over the old ones in your application source. Please avoid overriding lib/config folder because it contains your BotDetect Simple Captcha configuration options. If there are any version-specific instructions you should be aware of, they will be listed in the BotDetect PHP migration guide along with the new version release notes.