About Captcha, Inc.


"Today, Captcha Inc’s mission is to provide the best CAPTCHA software accompanied by the best customer support service on the market"

– Mr. Marijan Plestina, Captcha, Inc CEO

In the very beginning, Captcha, Inc (then called Lanap/Lanapsoft) was formed around one simple idea – to build the first commercially available CAPTCHA software on the market. Following a period of frantic development, we succeeded.

Being the first is always great, but as numerous software vendors before us have discovered - being the only game in town doesn't last long. Accordingly, our mission evolved into having the easiest to use, most customizable and feature-rich CAPTCHA software available. In short, to be the best. And somehow, we succeeded with that one, too.

Today, the CAPTCHA market is slowly evolving from an early market (of technology enthusiasts and early adopters) towards maturity (more conservative mainstream buyers). The latter requires far better customer support, and sometimes even a fair measure of hand-holding. Thus our mission has evolved once again – we now aim to provide the best CAPTCHA software accompanied by the best customer support service on the market.

The jury is still out there on that one. However, according to the growth of our BotDetect CAPTCHA customer reference list, it would seem we are succeeding in this as well :)

Quick Facts

  • In 2004, BotDetect™ CAPTCHA was the world's first commercially available CAPTCHA component.
  • Since then, BotDetect CAPTCHA components protect from automated registrations and spam submissions online forms on more than 10000 domains.
  • BotDetect CAPTCHA protected websites are created, owned, or hosted by over 3000 paying customers.
  • BotDetect CAPTCHA customers are located in 70+ different countries all over the world.
  • Despite our best efforts, however, Captcha, Inc still doesn't have any customers from either the Arctic or Antarctic :)
  • Captcha, Inc is incorporated in St. Vincent and Grenadines, with development in HCMC, Vietnam, and sales & support in Split, Croatia.
  • Captcha, Inc has eight employees, and is completely dedicated to its only product – BotDetect CAPTCHA.


Marijan Plestina, CEO

Previous Employments:

Marijan's experience extends from frying hamburgers in a nearby McDonald's (that financed a good part of his student days) – to years of C++ coding, first at UltiTech / OmegaSoftware, and later again at Polar. Captcha, Inc is the first company that he founded, and so far it seems to be faring quite well :)

Lukrecio Mioc, VP PR & Marketing

Previous Employments:

  • Uniqall
  • Alterbox
  • Globalnet
  • Envox

After 19 years of career in different roles at various (mostly technology) startups, it would be unwise to expect that Lukrecio join anything less than – another startup – although this one has a reference list that is somewhat too fat for his liking :)


Marijan Plestina

Lukrecio Mioc