BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA API Reference

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Table of Contents

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Web API Reference

To make Captcha integration into PHP websites easy, the public part of the BotDetect PHP Captcha library is focused on ease of use from PHP forms.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Client-Side API Reference

BotDetect PHP Captcha client-side functionality is encapsulated in the botdetect/public/bdc-script-include.js JavaScript include. BotDetect Captcha library objects automatically use this library and construct the necessary objects.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Core API Reference

While the BotDetect Web API members are used for Captcha functionality within a PHP web form context (dealing with markup generation and related tasks), the core BotDetect API contains members related to general Captcha functionality, independent of the context it's used for.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Enumerations Reference

A number of enumerations is used to represent basic Captcha options available in the BotDetect PHP Captcha library.