BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Ant Build Dependency

BotDetect Java Captcha dependency in an Apache ANT Build

Add target to application's Buildfile to get the BotDetect Java Captcha Library jar from repository:

<!-- Download dependence -->
<target name="get-deps" description="retrieve dependencies manually">
    <echo message="Getting dependencies..." />
    <mkdir dir="lib" />
    <get src="" dest="lib/botdetect-4.0.beta2.jar" usetimestamp="true" />
    <get src="" dest="lib/botdetect-servlet-4.0.beta2.jar" usetimestamp="true" />
    <get src="" dest="lib/botdetect-jsp20-4.0.beta2.jar" usetimestamp="true" />
    <get src="" dest="lib/botdetect-jsf20-4.0.beta2.jar" usetimestamp="true" />

In case your application uses JSF 1.2 you will need to add botdetect-jsf12 instead of botdetect-jsf20.

BotDetect Java Captcha Api is now ready to be used in project.

Reference the target 'get-deps' from previous step in a compile target:

<target name="compile" depends="init, get-deps" description="compile source code">
  <copydir src="${web.dir}" dest="${build.dir}" />
  <mkdir dir="${web.classes.dir}" />
  <javac destdir="${web.classes.dir}" source="${jdk.version}" target="${jdk.version}"
    debug="true" includeantruntime="false" classpathref="compile.path">
    <src path="${src.dir}" />

Configure BotDetect Captcha Servlet

Next, it is mandatory to configure BotDetect Captcha servlet by adding the following entry to your app's config (web.xml) file:

  <servlet-name>BotDetect Captcha</servlet-name>
  <servlet-name>BotDetect Captcha</servlet-name>

The following integration steps depend on your particular usage scenario, and what kind of technology stack you intend to use.

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Please Note

BotDetect Java Captcha Library v4.0.Beta2 is an in-progress port of BotDetect 4 Captcha, and we need you to guide our efforts towards a polished product. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs, implementation issues, or a usage scenario you would like to discuss.