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BotDetect™ CAPTCHA generator is a form security solution using Captcha challenges that are easy for humans but hard for bots to prevent automated page posting. Bots are kept from accessing protected website functionality using Captcha images specifically designed to be out of reach of computer vision and OCR technologies. BotDetect also provides an audio Captcha alternative to keep websites accessible to people with impaired vision, enabling you to make WCAG and Section 508 compliant websites.

Why BotDetect?

BotDetect is unique among Captcha generators in offering many Captcha image and sound styles. While each of them is easily comprehensible to human users, randomly using multiple Captcha generation algorithms makes the generated Captcha challenge practically impossible to pass automatically.

This approach to Captcha security is validated by the BotDetect track record: we have over 2500 paying customers and not one confirmed case of automated Captcha breaking by spammers.

Visual Studio 2013 & .NET 4.5.1 Supported

BotDetect ASP.NET CAPTCHA v3.0.15 includes support and samples for the latest Microsoft releases.

Full support for all Android & iOS devices

BotDetect CAPTCHA v3.0.13 audio now works on Android and iOS devices. Unlike other Captchas, sounds are played directly on the form page, without opening the media player app.

BotDetect CAPTCHA Features

BotDetect CAPTCHA Box
  • 60 secure & readable Captcha image styles
  • 10 secure & accessible audio Captcha sound styles
  • Localized Captcha generation, using various Unicode character sets and downloadable multi-language sound pronunciations
  • Custom Captcha image size, format, color scheme...
  • Custom Captcha code length, style, character set, timeouts, generated code filtering...
  • Many other randomization & customization options
  • Compatible with various MVC web application frameworks
  • Supports extra Ajax Captcha validation for improved form usability, through built-in JavaScript functionality and jQuery validation

BotDetect CAPTCHA Customer References and Testimonials

Over the years, our products became a household name for high-quality Captcha components. Today we are proud to count as our clients, among over 2500 customers: Morgan Stanley, NASDAQ, Intuit, Con Edison, Accenture, Christie's Auctions, EMI Music, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Swiss Telecom, and many more. And our customers say:

"BotDetect Captcha solution works great, is fast and easy to implement and their customer care is outstanding. After lots of research, I am convinced that you cannot get a better value!"

- Chuck Van Court, CEO & Founder, Fuze Digital Solutions, USA

"Great little dll at a great price."

- Tony Van Vugt

"Fantastic product! Your BotDetect Captcha control saved hours of development time. Within a couple of minutes of purchase, we had a fully enabled Captcha verification system integrated into our registration form!"

- Tomas Salas, PoshPoints LLC, Usa

"Your product is great. It stopped the spambot garbage I was getting on my forms IMMEDIATELY."

- Kevin Owens, Drexel University Chemistry Dept, USA

"There is lots of recommendation about you. I didn't really want to buy a component, but there were no free scripts that were good enough and you were easily the best once I decided to buy something."

- Steve Belton

"You are one of the (few) companies with excellent support!"

- Helge Thomas Hellerud, Oslo, Norway