BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Deployment Guides

The BotDetect Java Captcha is distributed as .zip archive containing botdetect.jar library file and examples.

BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Download Package Contents

The botdetect.jar Library requires Java 6 and Servlet 2.5 or newer.

The javadoc package subfolder contains botdetect.jar API documentation in HTML format.

The examples package subfolder contains code examples.

BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Library Deployment

When adding Captcha protection to you web forms, you will need to place botdetect.jar into your application's WEB-INF/lib folder so the Captcha library is in the application's classpath.

Otherwise, in order to share botdetect.jar library among multiple applications within same web container (or applicaton server's domain) you have to copy the library to the container's (or domain's) lib folder.

Since most web containers search classpath from application's WEB-INF/lib folder "upwards", by placing different botdetect.jar library version in different lib folders you can have running applications with different version of botdetect.jar Captcha library within same web container.

BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Code Examples Deployment

The BotDetect Java Captcha library download package also contains a number of Captcha JavaServer Pages code examples.

The BotDetect demo allows you to experiment with BotDetect options, while the code examples contain Java Captcha example code which might be useful when adding and configuring BotDetect Captcha protection on your JSP forms.

You can copy .war files to your web container's autodeploy folder (e.g. /webapps folder in default Tomcat installation or /autodeploy subfolder of Glassfish's domain folder) or use container's admin console interface to deploy each example. Normally, you should first deploy bdc3-captcha-index.war application which describes each example and provides links to deployed examples.

Typically, you will only deploy the BotDetect examples on your development machines, and skip them when deploying BotDetect to your web containers.

Deploying BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Updates

Updated Captcha library can usually just be copied over the old one in your folders. Eventually you will have to restart your web container to apply changes.

Please Note

BotDetect Java Captcha Library v4.0.Beta3.7 is an in-progress port of BotDetect 4 Captcha, and we need you to guide our efforts towards a polished product. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs, implementation issues, or a usage scenario you would like to discuss.