BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Deployment Packages (BotDetect v3.0; deprecated)

The BotDetect ASP Classic Captcha component is distributed as a .msi installation package. Both the free version and paid version that is available for purchase are packaged, used and deployed in the same way.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Installation Package Contents

The BotDetect ASP Classic Captcha installation package requires .NET framework 2.0, and supports all versions of IIS since 5.0 (included with Windows 2000).

By default, the BotDetect ASP Classic Captcha installs to c:\Program Files (x86)\Lanapsoft\BotDetect 3 CAPTCHA Component\Asp\.

The CaptchaLibrary installation subfolder contains the Captcha ASP library files.

The Redistribute installation subfolder contains the Captcha COM component .dll and the default audio Captcha pronunciation packages.

The WebApp installation subfolder contains BotDetect demos and ASP code samples.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA COM Component Deployment

ASP Captcha image and sound generation is performed by a special COM component (with the BotDetect.Captcha.3 ProgID). Running the BotDetect installation package will automatically deploy and register the Captcha COM component, so you don't have to worry about the details.

In case you can't run the BotDetect installation package on your server, you can copy the Redistribute\BotDetect.COM.dll file from a local installation to the server and follow the COM registration steps from the manual deployment guide.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA ASP Library Deployment

When adding Captcha protection to your ASP Classic forms, you will need to copy Captcha ASP library files from the CaptchaLibrary folder to your website source and include them on the form, as explained in the BotDetect Captcha ASP integration guide. You will then deploy these files together with your ASP application source.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Audio Localizations Deployment

BotDetect supports Captcha localizations page.

Deploying these localized pronunciation files is as easy as copying the downloaded .bdsp files for the locales you want to support to the Redistribute\BotDetectSounds installation subfolder.

You can also use a different folder to keep .bdsp files (in case you make sure it can be read by the IIS worker process running your application.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Code Samples Deployment

The BotDetect ASP Captcha installation package also gives you the option to install a number of Captcha ASP Classic code samples. If IIS is enabled on the development machine, the samples will automatically be deployed and will be accessible from the BotDetect Start Menu folder (Start → Programs → Lanapsoft → BotDetect 3 CAPTCHA Component → ASP → ASP Samples → Run), or by accessing http://localhost/BotDetect3ComponentAsp/ directly.

The BotDetect demos allow you to experiment with BotDetect options, while the code samples contain ASP Captcha sample code which might be useful when adding and configuring BotDetect Captcha protection on your ASP forms.

Typically, you will only deploy the BotDetect samples on your development machines, and skip them when installing BotDetect on your servers.

Deploying BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Updates

When updating BotDetect to a newer version, both the Captcha COM component and Captcha ASP library files need to be updated.

Running the updated setup package will automatically deploy the updated COM component, but you should stop IIS first for it to release all handles to the old DLL version. In case you deployed the old Captcha COM component manually, you will also have to remove it yourself.

New Captcha library files can usually just be copied over the old ones in your application source. If there are any version-specific instructions you should be aware of, they will be listed in the BotDetect ASP migration guide along with the new version release notes.

Please Note

The information on this page is out of date and applies to a deprecated version of BotDetect™ CAPTCHA (v3.0).

An up-to-date equivalent page for the latest BotDetect Captcha release (v4) is BotDetect v4 Captcha documentation index.

General information about the major improvements in the current BotDetect release can be found at the What's New in BotDetect v4.0 page.