Getting Started with BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA Integration Crash Course

The BotDetect PHP Developer Crash Course contains key integration steps.

CAPTCHA PHP Code Examples

After downloading and unpacking the BotDetect Captcha library, you can copy the extracted files to a path accessible by your Http server software configured to run PHP (the htdocs folder in Apache installations, Inetpub on IIS, etc.), and examples/traditional-api/index.html will guide you to included PHP code examples.

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Integration Guides & Examples

The fastest way to add Captcha protection to your PHP form is to follow the how to guide for your Captcha integration scenario and check the relevant code examples:

Plain PHP CAPTCHA Integration

jQuery CAPTCHA Integration

Angular CAPTCHA Integration

AngularJS CAPTCHA Integration

CakePHP CAPTCHA Integration

CodeIgniter CAPTCHA Integration

Laravel CAPTCHA Integration

Symfony CAPTCHA Integration

BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Configuration Guides & Examples

After you have successfully added BotDetect Captcha protection to your PHP form, you can configure various Captcha options by following the configuration guides and code examples:

Troubleshooting BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA

If you experience any difficulties integrating BotDetect Captcha in your PHP project, we also have resources that might help you find and solve the problem.


You can find answers to many common questions about BotDetect PHP implementation in the BotDetect PHP technical FAQ.

Known BotDetect PHP CAPTCHA Issues

If the FAQ doesn't deal with the situation you are having, you can learn about a few known PHP Captcha issues and their workarounds.

Free Technical Support

In every case, you can contact our Support Department for help.