Getting Started with BotDetect Java CAPTCHA

BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Integration Guides & Examples

Deploy BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Code Examples

After downloading and unpacking the BotDetect Captcha Java library, deploy examples from examples/ directory to your webserver.

Choose the API You Wish to Use:

Note that those two APIs are like oil and water; they DO NOT mix at all -- use one or another!


Simple API (Experimental)

Since 2019/04/15 we are removing the Simple API docs from the tabs on the Traditional API docs' pages. That docs-cohabitation concept did not work -- neither for docs nor for the users :(.

Until we are done with that documentation reorganization please make sure that your Simple API integration efforts start with one of the following four step-by-step integration guides:

Those four guides listed above are updated and polished and should be reasonably bug-free in this moment. If you find a bug, or would like to propose an improvement, please let us know.

The rest of the Simple API docs on both the old and the new locations are a fairly outdated mess -- and should not be relied upon until further notice!

Bookmark this page and refresh it from time to time to get the situation updates.


Traditional API

Until the 2019/04/15 the Traditional API docs' pages were forced to host the tabs with their unruly, ever-changing, but rarely up-to-date, experimental Simple API cousins.

It did not work; both us and the users were getting lost -- so we are kicking the Simple API docs out to a new, separate, branch of documentation.

However, we might need a week or two to clean up all the mess that such a cohabitation created. If you spot a bug in the Traditional API docs please let us know.

Bookmark this page and refresh it from time to time to get the situation updates.

JavaServer Pages CAPTCHA Integration

JavaServer Faces CAPTCHA Integration

Spring MVC CAPTCHA Integration

Struts CAPTCHA Integration

BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Configuration Guides

After you have successfully added BotDetect Captcha protection to your Java web form, you can configure various Captcha options by following the configuration guides:

Troubleshooting BotDetect Java CAPTCHA

If you experience any difficulties integrating BotDetect Captcha in your Java web project, we also have resources that might help you find and solve the problem.

Java CAPTCHA Technical FAQ

You can find answers to many common questions about BotDetect Java implementation in the BotDetect Java technical FAQ.

Known BotDetect Java CAPTCHA Issues

If the FAQ doesn't deal with the situation you are having, you can learn about a few known Java Captcha issues and their workarounds.

Free Technical Support

In every case, you can contact our Support Department for help.

Please Note

BotDetect Java Captcha Library v4.0.Beta3.6 is an in-progress port of BotDetect 4 Captcha, and we need you to guide our efforts towards a polished product. Please let us know if you encounter any bugs, implementation issues, or a usage scenario you would like to discuss.