BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA API Reference (BotDetect v3.0; deprecated)

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BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Web API Reference

To make Captcha integration into ASP Classic applications easy, the BotDetect ASP Captcha component wraps the basic Captcha functionality implemented in the Captcha COM component with a simple ASP Classic Captcha library. This library is focused on ease of use from Classic ASP applications, and includes a number of .asp files with VbScript class and helper declarations.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Client-Side API Reference

BotDetect ASP Captcha client-side functionality is encapsulated in the BotDetect\Scripts.js JavaScript include. BotDetect Captcha library objects automatically use this library and construct the necessary objects.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA COM API Reference

Core Captcha functionality (drawing Captcha images and generating Captcha sounds) in the BotDetect ASP Captcha component is implemented as a COM component with the BotDetect.Captcha.3 ProgId. The BotDetect Classic ASP Captcha library uses the COM Captcha interface internally, and you don't have to worry about it unless you are implementing a different client for the COM component.

BotDetect ASP Classic CAPTCHA Enumerations Reference

A number of enumerations is used to represent basic Captcha options available in the BotDetect ASP Captcha component. For classic ASP use, you can refer to them by name as long as you are using the ASP Captcha library helpers which transform them into numeric equivalents. The COM interface uses the numeric representations exclusively (parenthesised in the tables below).

Please Note

The information on this page is out of date and applies to a deprecated version of BotDetect™ CAPTCHA (v3.0).

An up-to-date equivalent page for the latest BotDetect Captcha release (v4) is BotDetect v4 Captcha documentation index.

General information about the major improvements in the current BotDetect release can be found at the What's New in BotDetect v4.0 page.