BotDetect CAPTCHA Licensing Information

Please read the following section carefully, and decide which of the options best fits your intended use of our product.

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BotDetect CAPTCHA Website Edition Licenses

With this licensing option, multiple licenses are required for multiple websites, defined as collections of web pages residing on a single domain or sub-domain.

For example, pages located at and are considered to belong to two separate websites, and using BotDetect on both requires separate Website Edition licenses.

1 (one) Website Edition license stands for:

  • using BotDetect Captcha protection on forms within 1 website

For example, using BotDetect on forms belonging to:,,,,,, and requires 7 Website Edition licenses.

If you are using a lot of sub-domains within a single domain name, the Domain Website Edition license option can result in significant savings.

1 (one) Domain Website Edition license stands for:

  • using BotDetect Captcha protection on an unlimited number of websites under 1 top-level domain name

For example, using BotDetect on forms belonging to:,,,,,, and requires 1 Domain Website Edition license.

The license does NOT include:

  • The right to use BotDetect on sub-domains that are given/sold/rented to third parties.

    For example, purchasing the Domain Website Edition license for the domain doesn't give third parties the right to use BotDetect on their individual blogs (such as

BotDetect CAPTCHA Developer Edition Licenses

With this licensing option, a single license is required as long as a single person is using it during development (design time). You may use a single license on more than one machine (an office machine, a home machine, a laptop, ...) as long as it is not shared by other developers.

1 (one) Developer Edition license stands for:

  • 1 person (developer/webmaster) using the component on
  • an unlimited number of development machines to create
  • an unlimited number of websites

The license includes:

  • This license is deployment free.

    You do not pay per-server deployment fees when deploying an application using our component to multiple servers.

  • Developer Edition licenses are royalty free.

    You do not pay per-client royalty fees when selling an application using our component to multiple clients.

  • Full BotDetect source code is included.

    This allows you to make component modifications necessary to meet your application requirements, and deploy the resulting modified runtime components with your application.

Example number of required Developer Edition licenses:

  • 1 person, 2 development machines, 5 websites = 1 license
  • 5 persons, 8 development machines, 30 websites = 5 licenses

The license does NOT include:

  • Free redistribution of any elements used during development (design time).

    When including BotDetect in a module, website building or general development tool which is sold or given to third party developers/integrators for use in their projects for end customers, you must purchase a special OEM license which includes royalty payments.

    For example, Microsoft couldn't use a Developer Edition license to develop a Login SharePoint WebPart including BotDetect Captcha protection and redistribute it to their partners, which will then deploy BotDetect freely alongside their SharePoint projects.

    To make this use case possible, Microsoft can either buy an OEM license or each partner should purchase an adequate license (Developer or Website) for themselves or their customers.

    For OEM license information, please contact our sales department.

  • The right to redistribute or share BotDetect source code (unmodified or customized by the customer).

    Any BotDetect source code modifications are the property of the Developer Edition license owner, but base source code owned by Captcha, Inc must not be redistributed or shared.

Please note:

  • All sales of licenses which include source code are final – and this applies to BotDetect Developer Edition licenses.

BotDetect CAPTCHA Hosting Edition Licenses

Hosting Edition BotDetect licenses are meant for hosting companies which host many websites on their shared servers and want to make BotDetect Captcha protection available to all hosted websites. The licensing rules for Hosting Edition are straightforward:

1 (one) Hosting Edition license stands for:

  • BotDetect deployment to 1 server (virtual or physical)

The license includes:

  • The right to host the BotDetect runtime components for an unlimited number of users and websites.

    This includes deploying BotDetect assemblies to the .NET GAC, registering BotDetect COM interfaces, keeping BotDetect sound package files in a folder the user's websites have generic read permissions for, etc.

  • Free minor & major upgrades are included with each Hosting Edition license
  • Premium Support plan is included with each Hosting Edition license, which applies to the hosting company employees only

The license does NOT include:

  • The right to redistribute BotDetect files (runtime or source) to your customers.

    You can instruct them to download the Free version of BotDetect for development purposes instead – they can use the Free version on their development machines to integrate BotDetect in their website source, and get the full BotDetect Captcha functionality when they deploy the application to your server.

  • Premium Support plan for your customers is not included in Hosting Edition license -- your customers are free to use our Free Support plan

Please note:

  • Customers are also obliged to give Captcha, Inc access to a single account on one of their servers for testing purposes.

BotDetect CAPTCHA Free Licenses

Deployment of the Free BotDetect Captcha version is limited to no more than 1000 Urls per domain. The number of different websites and domains on which the free version can be used is not limited, as long as the 1000 Urls per domain limit is respected.

You must also respect the free version limitations, and must not try to disable, reverse-engineer, bypass or work around them in any way.


Still not sure what licensing option would be the most appropriate for your usage scenario? Ask a sales representative (please describe your usage scenario) or go back to the BotDetect online store.